2019 will be an exciting year!

Hitman will be doing a "mini tour" of the UK in mid March. What makes this so special is that, unlike the regular tours which involve the entire 9 piece band, this one will be featuring a stripped down trio or quartet. With the help of Derek White (Rockin' The Blues Agency), Hitman will be playing in smaller venues for a real face to face with fans. Some places are already sold out, as people will be traveling from Scotland, France, and the Netherlands for a close encounter with Hitman!

Michael "Eppy" Epstein has opened a new version of the famous club, "My Father's Place". After a sold out show in October, The Hitman Blues Band will be returning - but not just for a concert. They will be taking part in a TV show being produced by My Father's Place, to be aired on PBS, highlighting deserving groups in all genres. Dates will be announced soon.

We're very excited to be booking NFK (Not For Kids), a unique concept band. This trio has decided to skip all the hyperbole and just go for the "meat" - all of their songs (covers and a few VERY funny originals) are about sex, drugs, drinking, or a combination of all of them. We will be placing them in a number of venues in the metropolitan New York area. Stay tuned for some live streams!